How To Hire a Technician

When hiring a fitness equipment technician (or fit-tech as we call them!), make sure you’re hiring the right person by consulting the following checklist:
  • Experience? – How much experience your “fit-tech” has is just as relevant as their certificates.
  • Are they certified in the manufacturer you deal with? Or any others?
  • How was your first impression? – It only takes one tenth of a second to form your first impression of someone, and that impression is not likely to change. Trust your instincts and hire someone you are comfortable with.
  • Can they answer all your questions?
  • Do they have the appropriate attire (ie: steel toed boots/shoes, tool bag, t-shirts, etc…)?
  • Is there an option for female fit-techs? – Some gyms are co-ed but others are female only, and it might be better for you to keep a comfortable atmosphere in your space depending upon your demands.

Whoever you invite into your fitness world should above all be knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable. And when it comes to questions? Ask, ask, ask! Good luck finding your fit! And if it happens to be us, then we look forward to meeting you!